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Principal's Message

Students’ time in the Sixth Form should be considered the most enjoyable and fulfilling of all their years at school.  That is certainly our aim at Dyke House, where we will endeavour to create the greatest possible opportunities within and beyond the curriculum to ensure future chances are fully maximised.

Studying at A-Level represents a transition from one of close supervision to a period of relative freedom, whereby students accept responsibility for meeting their own deadlines.  Learning to work independently, exercising self-discipline in the face of diversion and apportioning time sensibly to different activities are therefore important aspects of Sixth Form training.

The Sixth Form presents a new, exciting challenge to students but membership carries responsibilities as well as privileges. Whilst the main reason for entering The Sixth Form is to pursue a path of study allowing university entrance, it is hoped that students will have acquired much more than academic results at the end of the two years.

Future employers, universities and colleges, place great emphasis on the acquisition of certain qualities: reliability, initiative, determination, commitment, self-discipline and motivation.  The Sixth Form at Dyke House will provide opportunities to acquire and develop all of the above qualities on a daily basis.

In our society today, increasingly dependent on qualification to secure the best jobs after university, students and their parents want to be reassured that their future is in safe hands.  Dyke House has an excellent academic record comparing more than favourably in Hartlepool, the North East and on a national stage.  We are now bringing our wealth of experience to bear in preparing students to achieve at A-Level, ensuring that they reach their potential in their future studies and employment. Dyke House is able to recruit and retain highly qualified staff to ensure that all specialist subjects receive professional and top-quality teaching.

Inevitably, no Sixth Form prospectus can cover every aspect of Sixth Form life but we look forward to welcoming prospective students and their parents to our Open Evening during which Sixth Form choices are considered.

Mr A. Jordon, Executive Principal