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It all began with Physics, from the creation of our universe, to the creation of the world wide web. Physics is an exciting intellectual adventure that inspires us to understand a world of black holes in space, and electrical impulses in the brain. Physics contributes to the technological infrastructure of today and generates the fundamental knowledge needed for future scientific advances. As such, Physics is an important element in the education of Chemists, Engineers and Computer Scientists, as well as practitioners of the other Physical and Biomedical Sciences.


AS level
Stand alone qualification to be completed during Year 12.

Unit 1: Physics on the Go
Unit 2: Physics at Work
Unit 3: Exploring Physics

A level
Includes unit 1-3 and the following additional units:

Unit 4: Physics on the Move
Unit 5: Physics From Creation to Collapse
Unit 6: Experimental Physics


Physics will lead students on to a wide range of courses and careers. Physics can be used to support other qualifications or to move on to further studies or employment, including: the Sciences, Medicine, Metrology, Radiography, Engineering (including Chemical Engineering), Aerospace, Communications, Astronomy, Seismology, Oceanography and Biotechnology.

Exam Board: Edexcel

Key Staff

Mr Chris Parr

Course Type

A Level

Course Category



2 years

Entry Requirements


Grade BB in both GCSE Science and GCSE Additional Science. A strong GCSE in Maths is essential.

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