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Targeted Career Strands

Our Personalised Pathways Programme extends into our Targeted Career Strands Programme. This takes two separate but compliamentary routes:

Subject Pathways:

Each student is provided with a career stream overview at the beginning of their Sixth Form experience. This enables students to understand the opportunities available to them through the stream, in order to gain an insight into a future career. Students are able to attend multiple career streams if undecided and to switch between strands if a career focus changes. The Subject Pathways forge connections between current study and future careers, offer super curricular and extra curricular experiences and enable students to examine holistically their future aspirations. The Subject Pathways are used to ensure students make informed choices about their future and have the skills required to progress within their chosen sphere. 

Pathways include: Arts & Humanities, Computer Science, Science & Engineering, Social Sciences, Teaching, Business & Finances, Sports Science, Creative and Law.

Progression Pathways:

Progression Pathways are the vehicle by which students attain their chosen careers and these inform and support the Subject Pathways. Each student may access multiple Progression Pathways and opportunities throughout their time at Sixth Form to ensure they gain the maximum information regarding their future. Our Universities Programme informs several of the Progression Pathways, however there are further opportunities for students to pursue School Leaver Programmes, Appreticeships and careers in the Armed Services. Visits to HE institutions, information for parents and in college events are designed to provide each individual with the support they require. 

Pathways include: Russell Group, Local Universities, School Leaver Programmes & Apprenticeships, Armed Forces, Oxbridge.