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Trips & Visits

The Sixth Form is dedicated to providing students access to a wide variety of opportunities, including visits to universities, businesses and organisations both across the UK and abroad. The Universities Programme ensures students have the chance to visit a HE institutions in line with their aspirations and our Progression Pathways Programme provides trips to our network of contacts both within the North East and on a larger scale. Our ethos of providing students with the opportunity to broaden their horizons and build their skills through experiences both within and outside of college is crucial to their success at A Level and beyond. 

In addition, the Sixth Form offers the chance for students to take part in an annual ski trip and this year visited Banff, Canada during the Easter holidays. The Sixth Form partners with Camps International in order to offer Year 13 students the opportunities to undertake a volunteering expedition to Tanzania in July 2016. Planning is also underway for further trips to New York and Barcelona!